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Royal Institution Coding Club: Drones and 3D Modelling

On Saturday the 5th of March the CASA Drone team and I ran workshops on drones and 3D modelling as part of the Royal Institution’s Coding Club for year 9 students.


The session began with an introduction by Flora and a discussion of the #drones4good movement and her previous collaboration with the ReMap Lima project where drones were used to map illegal land grabbing on the outskirts of the Peruvian capital.


Richard then introduced the workshop with a look at FPV quadcopter racing and went on to instruct the students in how to assemble the electronics in order to complete the wonderful 3D printed drone frames they had prepared specially for the event. Thanks there to our director Andy Hudson-Smith for his perseverance with the 3D printer!


After flying the drones we moved through to the computer room where I explained how 3D modelling formed a link between the 3D printed frames we had been using during the first part of the session and the kinds of 3D models used in movies, video games and virtual reality experiences that we would demonstrate in the second half. After a brief demonstration of SketchUp the students were able to start creating their own 3D models.

drones4good--3d-models-casa-masterclass_25487944691_o drones4good--3d-models-casa-masterclass_25487955571_o

To end the session Richard and I gave demonstrations of the drone simulator he had created in Unity and the CASA Virtual Reality Urban Roller Coaster I had made previously for Oculus Rift Unity game engine.


We had a fantastic morning. Additional thanks are due to Martin Austwick who facilitated on behalf of CASA and two CASA Master’s students Nathan Suberi and Anouchka Lettre who kindly volunteered to help out (first, second and third from the left in the pic below).


Finally a massive thanks to Elpida Makrygianni from the UCL Engineering who organised the event.

Further details of the event can be found on the CASA Drone team blog post here.  The full set of pictures from the workshop can be found here.