VUCITY: Wagstaffs 3D Model of London Ten Months On

Back in February I posted the first video of VUCITY by Wagstaffs Design. Ten months on the functionality of the product has improved considerably. Aimed at high end developers, planners and architects their 3D model visualises 80 square kilometres of London and incorporates high detail contextual models provided by Wagstaffs partners Vertex Modelling.

In addition to interactive navigation the model also provides tools for rights to light and sunlight studies, London View Management Framework (LMVF) visualisation for protected views, search for existing, planned and consented development, transport information and integration of live data overlays. At the recent MIPIM expo in London VUCITY also appeared with further functionality for intuitive navigation through gesture control.

In a recent feature on London Live Wagstaffs director Jason Hawthorn explains how VUCITY has been created with the aid of gaming technology, in this case Unity game engine, and outlines the companies future plans. VUCITY remains one to watch closely!


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