HTC Vive: Rethinking Reality

HTC ViveOn Monday at the Mobile World Congress HTC announced their new Vive VR headset. Developed in collaboration with games company Valve, best known for their games Half-Life and Portal, the headset is expected to be released before the end of the year, with developer kits available this Spring.

The teaser video isn’t giving anything away. However, the HTC VR ‘Re Vive’ website promises a number of features:

  • A separate 1,200 by 1,080 pixel screen for each eye
  • Screen refresh rates of 90 frames per second
  • Accurate head tracking with a gyrosensor, accelerometer and…a laser position sensor (???)
  • Room scale tracking (15 feet sq) with a pair of base stations
  • VR game controllers with positional tracking

I’ve signed up for a demo as I’m particularly keen to find out more and experiment with the room scale tracking feature. It sounds very much like the equipment is aimed at the high-end gamer. If HTC and Valve can deliver though I don’t doubt that this will be a great piece of kit for creating all kinds of immersive and interactive experiences. Find out more at the HTC Re Vive website.


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