The Oculus Rift Has Arrived!

Exciting News! Virtual Architectures have just received their Oculus Rift development kit.

As we hope you can see from this video the Oculus Rift really is an exciting leap forward in affordable virtual reality technology. Having started as a Kickstarter campaign less than two years ago the key features which have generated such wide backing for its development are stereoscopic 3D rendering, wide field of view and low latency head tracking.

What does this mean for the user?

Stereoscopic rendering means that each eye receives a separate image adjusted in the virtual simulation to the actual distance between the users pupils. The users brain interprets these images as a natural three dimensional view. The wide field of view of the headset means that the user’s full field of vision is covered providing an unbroken visual sense of being inside and surrounded by the simulation. Finally the low latency head tracking is key to ensuring that as the user looks around the simulated environment, the changes in the images each eye receives closely match those that the brain would expect when not using a virtual reality equipment. Jointly these features are essential for creating an immersive and natural feeling virtual experience.

In the coming weeks Virtual Architectures be getting to grips with the development kit technology and exploring many of the great tech demos and games that have already been created by other developers.

Please check back to see how we are getting on.


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