Virtual Architectures – What’s it all about?


Thanks for coming to check out the Virtual Architectures blog.

If you’ve had the chance to read our About page you’ll already know that Virtual Architectures is all about investigating different applications for the new wave of virtual reality technologies in diverse fields of architecture, urban planning, heritage and education. At the same time the project intends to offer a point of access for public engagement with those disciplines through the creation of memorable and entertaining virtual reality experiences.

We’ll look at the technology in forthcoming posts. In the meantime you may want to know why the fascination with virtual reality?

Unity Tuscany Demo in Oculus Rift

[Image – Unity Tuscany Demo running in Oculus Rift courtesy of Oculus VR]

There are many places we will never visit in our lives for practical reasons such as money, time and other commitments. Some of these places will be thriving while others may be ruins and shadows of what they once were. Then there are other places which exist only on paper, canvas or computer screen, and others still that exist solely in the minds of those who dreamt them up.

The motivation behind Virtual Architectures then is threefold. It answers the desire to create these different spaces, to explore them, and to share our experiences of them, whether they actually exist or not.

Whether they be spaces of the imagination, or of everyday life, the ability to model these spaces in 3D, to create rich interaction with the aid of computer simulation, and to place the user at the heart of it all in virtual reality is really exciting.

Here’s a great reaction to the Tuscany demo (pictured above) submitted to Youtube:

Thanks again for checking out Virtual Architectures. We hope you are interested in the project. Please check back for progress updates and follow us via twitter.


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